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Honey Yigezu Sima Mechanical Engineer
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i have worked both in manufacturing industry and a project prepared by ministry of education for the biofuel driven tractor manufacturing project. In BGI Ethiopia, i have studied the manufacturing process of beverages and worked with the maintenance team.

In the tractor manufacturing project, i had worked with a key contributions of 

  • investigating the working mechanism of tractor
  • studied the manufacturing process of tractor components
  • analysis of the type and number of machines, equipment’s, labor required to manufacture one tractor per day
  • preparing plant layout design for the to be established tractor manufacturing enterprises

While doing this i have used Solidworks, Autodesk inventor and Monitor Software with the supervision of two swedish casting and machining expert. 

I have also worked on the design and 3D modelling preparation of volute and impeller of an irrigation water pump using Autodesk inventor and Rhino Software.

Currently i am employed at the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia as Associate Technical Mechanical Engineer with key contributions of 

  • Preparing specification for the purchase of mechanical and electro-mechanical machineries, evaluation and inspection as per the specification provided

  • Valuing Plant machineries, vehicles and other machineries to be taken as a collateral     

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